Katana vs. Ninjato


Welcome back all! I’ve found some interesting info for you on the main weapons of the Samurai and Ninja: their swords. I will compare and contrast (mostly contrast) them here.

Samurai: The katana:

The Katana was the main weapon of the Samurai. It was a long-sword, curved, single-edged, built to be the best and was often known as “The Honor Blade”. It rarely left the Samurai’s side and was so important it was often given a name!

Contrastingly, the Ninja,

Ninja: the Ninjato:

The Ninjato was the sword of the Ninja. It was much smaller than the Katana, was often straight or with a slight curve and was not built for quality, because, to the Ninja, the sword was expendable. It was often used for whatever suited the Ninja’s purpose best at a particular moment, albeit dueling or ditching it.

Aside from being a bladed weapon, the swords of these two ancient warriors varied greatly. That being said, their roles as warriors were exact opposites also. Their high-quality swords were one reason that the Samurai had an “edge” (know what I mean) in one-to-one, fair combat between the two soldiers.

If you enjoyed that, check back later for more info on some of their sword combat techniques!

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~ by Kyle Vendaxa on August 22, 2007.

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