Katana vs. Ninjato

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Welcome back all! I’ve found some interesting info for you on the main weapons of the Samurai and Ninja: their swords. I will compare and contrast (mostly contrast) them here.

Samurai: The katana:

The Katana was the main weapon of the Samurai. It was a long-sword, curved, single-edged, built to be the best and was often known as “The Honor Blade”. It rarely left the Samurai’s side and was so important it was often given a name!

Contrastingly, the Ninja,

Ninja: the Ninjato:

The Ninjato was the sword of the Ninja. It was much smaller than the Katana, was often straight or with a slight curve and was not built for quality, because, to the Ninja, the sword was expendable. It was often used for whatever suited the Ninja’s purpose best at a particular moment, albeit dueling or ditching it.

Aside from being a bladed weapon, the swords of these two ancient warriors varied greatly. That being said, their roles as warriors were exact opposites also. Their high-quality swords were one reason that the Samurai had an “edge” (know what I mean) in one-to-one, fair combat between the two soldiers.

If you enjoyed that, check back later for more info on some of their sword combat techniques!

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The Legends of the Elite

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Hey all Samurai and Ninja enthusiast out there! I have found the ancient Ninja weapons and Samurai weapons very intrigueing, so, for anyone else out there who has also, I’ll be posting what I’ve found on them and their ancient wielders. Here’s a quick breakdown of the two groups:

The Samurai: elite warriors, fiercely loyal to the Shogun and unswayable from their cause. Known for their focus on loyalty and honor as well as their unsurpassed combat abilities, the Samurai were not someone you (or me) would like to have as an enemy.

The Ninja: The Ninja is still deeply enshrouded in mystery and its true origins are unknown. However it is generally believed they were either elite death commandos for the Shogun, a private group of guerrilla soldiers who banded to fight the Shoguns or mercenaries for hire.

Though, in my research I have found that half of the effectiveness behind these two select groups was the legendary weapons they utilized.

Despite the similar appearance, design, and origin of many of these weapons, they are very different. Each group was equipped for the rigors for their own occupations. The weapons of these two warrior classes were nothing alike, yet one was no less deadly than the other.

Be sure to come back soon and check out my next posts! I’ll be writing on the primary weapon of these two warriors – the sword, or should I say Katana and Ninjato.